The Rotary Membership Committee will meet in May of each year to apply the criteria and to identify new candidates to recommend becoming an Honorary Member or Friend of Rotary plus determining if any current member of either category should no longer be retained as such. These recommendations will be presented to the Board for their consideration at their June meeting and the Board will make the final selection. The Board may also identify additional people for each category. The criteria for Honorary Member, as defined in the Rotary International by-laws are: 4.050. Honorary Membership. 4.050.1. Eligibility for Honorary Membership. Persons who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and those persons considered friends of Rotary for their permanent support of Rotary’s cause may be elected to honorary membership in more than one club. The term of such membership shall be as determined by the board of the club in which they hold membership.   Honorary members will have no vote, can hold no office and pay for all meals. The Membership Committee’s criteria for bestowing the designation Honorary Member are provided below.

Honorary Member Criteria: The purpose of this category is noted above as defined by Rotary International By-Laws section 4.050. To be designated as an Honorary Member, the candidate must meet a significant number of the following criteria at the discretion of the Board:

1) Have been an active regular member for a minimum of 3 years with attendance record of not less than 80% averaged over that period. (Exceptions for extenuating circumstances e.g., illness, etc.)

2) Continues to be active in Club activities by attending at least 2 meetings each year and when able, to volunteer at least one shift at a club-sponsored event

3) Have served as a club officer in at least one major position (e.g. President)

4) Have participated as a member of a committee or served as an officer at the District or higher level

5) Been recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow

6) Have been an active participant in at least three major club projects and leader of at least one

7) Sponsored at least 2 new members

8) Is the spouse of a deceased member who was or had been nominated as an Honorary Member and who is engaged in Rotary activities at the local and/or higher levels.

Friends of Rotary Criteria:

1) Any member may request that a candidate be considered a Friend of Rotary at any time.

2) The candidate must have contributed to Rotary by actively participating in a Rotary project in a significant manner.

3) The Board will approve/disapprove the request and notify the requester.